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February 1st, 2016 by

NY Diesel Mazda6 | Staten Island Car Dealer

Mazda6Discover the long-awaited and much-anticipated diesel Mazda6. Mazda originally planned to introduce the Skyactiv-D diesel engine to the American market in 2013, but things have been delayed to accommodate further testing and certification. According to Jim O’Sullivan, Mazda’s North American CEO, the Skyactiv-D engine meets all of the necessary emissions regulations but doesn’t yet provide enough sportiness to match the brand’s “Zoom-Zoom” image.

Already on sale in Europe and Japan, Mazda’s diesel engine will reportedly use a urea injection system and have all the performance required to meet Mazda’s high standards. No doubt the end result will be worth the wait. Is the new diesel Mazda6 for you? We’ve got a look at some of the unique benefits of Mazda’s diesel technology.

Fuel Economy

Diesel powertrains certainly have the upper hand over their gasoline counterparts when it comes to fuel economy. Some diesel vehicles can actually improve fuel economy by 20 percent or more.

Highway Driving Performance

If you’re one of the millions of drivers who spend a good amount of time on the highway, you’d be wise to consider a diesel engine. The powerful highway performance of diesel engines is unmatched. With some diesel engines, highway gas mileage can be nearly twice that of city gas mileage.


Many drivers report that the acceleration of diesel models feels comparable to that of much larger engines. There’s nothing quite like the burst of acceleration from a dead stop you’ll experience with a diesel engine.

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