Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights & Indicators

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As a driver, the last thing that you want to see is an indicator light or a warning light on your dash. You want to do your best to avoid looking at the indicator light, but it is there all the same. We’re here to tell you that rather than worrying, you should figure out what the indicator light says, and how to get your car serviced so you can avoid any lasting damage to your car. Here are the most common indicator lights, and what they mean.

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Indicator Lights

One of the most common indicator lights that come on in a Mazda is a battery light. On a Mazda, the battery indicator light will either be yellow or red. A yellow battery is a caution light to get your battery checked, while the red light is an indicator to immediately get your battery checked. In addition to problems with your battery, this light could indicate wiring problems or problems with the voltage regulator on your car.

Another common indicator light on your Mazda is the tire pressure alert light. When you see this light, you might immediately panic. However, the tire pressure light could mean several things as well. Your tires may have lost air due to cold weather, or gained air and expanded due to very hot weather. It might also indicate a slow leak in your tire as well. You can go check your tire pressure before bringing your tires in to be checked unless you know that you hit an object in the road.

Finally, if your seatbelt light comes on, you’ll need to have your restraint system checked. You may have a problem with your seat belt system or the indicator light. Have someone check this light to make sure you stay safe.

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